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Why Life Journey Partners of America ?

The Time has Come

Life Journey Partners of America was formed to reach out to those in our communities for the solution to the growing Caregiving crisis. If you are one who understands the value of being a volunteer and understands that one day you or your loved one may require care you cannot afford, and you cannot find a program to help cover some of your caregiver needs, then our organization may be right for you. 

    We may all be needed to take care of each other as we age. There are many volunteer programs and government programs currently in existence for the care of the elderly and ability challenged. Unfortunately, the programs in place are simply not adequate to meet the enormity of need. Join our Community for peace of mind and the support you need to walk through this challenging time. We would love to organize Potlucks and other programs to make live easier and provide the Peace Mind that comes by knowing others care.

       Gaps in Care Require Solutions Now

If you are interested in being a part of our Community and would like to volunteer at any level, please email us at We need individuals interested in office work, housework, grocery shopping and meal preparation, fund raising, caregiving and nursing care. For most volunteer positions, a two hour commitment is recommended. Individuals interested  a Volunteer Caregiver position are asked to commit to 4-8 hour shifts. We are asking a great deal, but a great deal is needed. Sometimes, volunteer positions become paid positions and are hired by those they are caring for. Our organization supports these arrangements and will provide resources for background checks. All relationships are subject to a meet-up session prior to an assignment being confirmed.

Home Insecurity Solution

Life Journey Partners of America is acutely aware of the Home Insecurity Crisis in our country. Tragically, there are so many living lives in crisis, with a lack of an adequate support system. In considering the dual crises, there may be a solution while coupling an individual who is home insecure with an individual who would benefit by living with a person who could assist with chores, provide companionship and financial support. 

Background Checks for Peace of Mind

Our program will recommend background check services for those who would like to perform a check on individuals involved in the various levels of care (caregiver, nurse, and individuals in need), those requesting care and those involved in the home share platform. We continue to develop these programs and ask for your input as we go forward. 

What is Special about our Program

We are individuals who care deeply about the Caregiving Community and those they care for. Because of our varied work experiences in the fields of Medicine and Nursing, Elder Law and Care Coordination and Advocacy, we know that we need to take action now, to develop the right program for this moment in time for those who need our help to literally survive. 

We are currently enlisting volunteers from all areas of Phoenix to form our Caregiving Support Community. We know that asking individuals to volunteer volumes of hours caring for the most vulnerable is a lot to ask.  As a community, we plan to organize potlucks and group activities to gain the support we need from each other.  We are planning to roll out our signature program, Thankful Thursdays: Care for the Caregiver. In addition to an in-person meeting, we will enlist local businesses and volunteers to provided care and support services especially for caregivers in our communities.

Lastly, all too often care requires a caregiver, nurse or other specialized services, but there is an inability to pay. Our organization plans  to raise money to be used  to pay for limited services to fill current gaps in care that will improve one's life,  if there is a viable plan in place for sustainability in the future.


  Caregiving  Community

Caregivers and Domestic Workers are often key to individuals remaining in the home safely. Those needing care may live with family or friends who work, and  assistance is needed for all to live their best lives. Please join our Volunteer Community to answer the call to find solutions for the existing Caregiver Crisis.

          Fundraising to Cover 

                Gaps in Care

Individuals in need of care may be unable to receive the care they need, due to a lack of insurance coverage, inadequate financial resources or staffing issues.  Perhaps, with funds available, these issues can be addressed with creative sustainable solutions. Future fundraising  opportunities will be available to assist those in need.


          House Share Program

The House Share Program may be a solution for the home owner who has extra room, is lonely and may need help around the house. The perfect housemate may be a college student looking for affordable housing or someone who has  recently become homeless. We hope to find solutions for those insecure in the home and who are home insecure.

Are you ready to get started?

Life Journey Partners of America wants to hear from you. 

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation by phone or Zoom.

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